Living with a clear conscience

KreislaufSo that the Jakl-Hof is always warm without polluting the environment, we use a highly efficient automatic 200 kW woodchip heating system. As we placed emphasis on best possible efficiency and a low residue combustion value when choosing our heating system, you can enjoy the cosy warmth in the Jakl-Hof with a clear conscience.

Trees take carbon dioxide out of the air while they grow and convert this to glucose with the aid of solar energy, while at the same time releasing oxygen. During burning the oxygen is used up to convert the carbon in the wood back into carbon dioxide again. This completes the carbon dioxide cycle. The ash Hackschnitzelanlageresulting from our heating system serves as a high-quality fertiliser for the newly growing raw materials.

By the way, did you that the forested area in Bavaria has been increasing for more than 20 years? Our 200 kW woodchip heating system is supplied via screw conveyors.

Furthermore, the majority of the woodchips are produced from wood that cannot be otherwise used – No trees are sacrificed for your comfort.